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Customer Testimonials

"I have known Amerigo and the boys for many years now and have always enjoyed their company and services. They are very easy to get in contact with and I am happy with the pricing of their jobs. "

- Richard Quinn, Lexington

"Most reliable and respectful landscaping company I have ever hired. Very pleased."

- Debbie M., Waltham

For over a decade, the Caruso family has done all of the landscaping at my home, maintaining the yard's beauty from early Spring to late Fall. From clearing the yard after a hurricane's devastation to keeping all of the bushes properly trimmed to collecting all of the leaves dropped by the yard's many mature trees, the Caruso family does it all. Best of all, this is a family business, where father and sons take enormous pride in their work and where keeping the customer happy is paramount. Before finding the Caruso family, I tried several other landscaping companies, only to have each let me down. The Caruso family has never let me down, and I'll never change companies again. They are very loyal to their customers...and I remain extremely loyal to them.

- Chris M. Burlington M.A.

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